Coming Wednesday: Nostalgia With The Sacred Poet



Spoken Word, Music and Voices: Nostalgia With The Sacred Poet

July 26th, 2017 1 pm-1:35

The Sacred Poet, Katherine Appello will, along with the wonderful talents of pianist Marco Di Gennaro present a program of spoken word and song, which includes improvisational song and you will be asked to be part of the show You hope you will join us for this wonderful event that will follow the weekly Noon Mass. Donation appreciated.


Shrine of the Most Precious Blood

113 Baxter Street

NYC 10038


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Drifting Away

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Life has different season Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall,

Days of sun, of rain, days with clouds that line the sky,

It is part of the cycle of life,

And I suppose so it is,

This drifting away of friendships.


Time goes by we change, we go through life’s journey,

A journey of many twists and turns,

One where some things stay in tact,

While others, well they do not,

Thus the the drifting away.


It is sad when things change, shift

Not because they have shifted,

For things can not stay totally the same,

But it is sad when in that change or struggle of life,

there is a drifting, a drifting away of friendship.