Plans of Mice and Men…


Life often is about faith and witness, perhaps no more so than in the creative realm and in the artistic as I am discovering.  

I keep trying to move things how I would like them to go in my artistic path, but realized, I have been scattering myself in doing so and I need to get very focused and really get down to what would God want for my life, what does he think is best for me in living my life.  I also realize that pretending the Fibromyalgia and all that are not there is not wise, not to say i should not live life or have faith and be active, proactive, but I have to acknowledge what is and work through and around it constructively.  The arts is a very tough realm, so faith is crucial, so you don’t get dragged down by all the junk that can drag you down within that realm.What is this going to mean for me?  It is going to mean that I am revamping everything.  I am going to re-record everything, that I shut down my youtube account, have had everything taken down, my entire youtube history erased, will be shutting down this blog and focusing my energies on recording pieces with great intent, and quality.  I will be creating a new youtube channel, and also put my pieces up for sale on my bandcamp site, as well as ebooks.  I will continue posting on my inspiration blog.  Any financial support to that blog will be greatly appreciated.


What’s Happening On The Scene?


What’s happening on the scenes and behind the scenes?

I have taken some time out from songwriting and poetry writing and recording, focused on my other blog and some other stuff, as it is good to take time away from what you are doing and also had stuff going on with my mom who is 93 and my own fibromyalgia stuff.  However, I am now back in the artistic swing and so what is going on and coming up?

For one, I have joined a community chorus group, which is restructuring and looking for new space, will be also attending events at an interfaith space in Manhattan to gain broader inspiration for my arts, hopefully, along with other talented artists start doing live gigs, starting this year around the holidays and posting some more improv recordings on here for all of you to enjoy, as well as fill my bancamp site with goodies for people to purchase.



Coming Wednesday: Nostalgia With The Sacred Poet



Spoken Word, Music and Voices: Nostalgia With The Sacred Poet

July 26th, 2017 1 pm-1:35

The Sacred Poet, Katherine Appello will, along with the wonderful talents of pianist Marco Di Gennaro present a program of spoken word and song, which includes improvisational song and you will be asked to be part of the show You hope you will join us for this wonderful event that will follow the weekly Noon Mass. Donation appreciated.


Shrine of the Most Precious Blood

113 Baxter Street

NYC 10038


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