Organizing Your Path, NOT Complex, Not Really

city streetsArt

When one thinks of organizing a ministry or even something within a ministry,  even you own career path, they can be very much overwhelmed, even just one’s own career path.  Rather than start with a complex plan that will freak you out, what I did for myself was create this and will build on this:

Foundational Goal: Be via the arts, my faith and heritage an agent of reflection and inspiration for others


  • Impact via original poetry
  • Impact via original song and music
  • Impact via blogs coaching and artistic
  • Do so within the Christian faith and Italian-American community, but impacting also the society at large



Measure of Success:


  • Steady and sustained build up of blog followers
  • Licensing of my material via sources such as Harry Fox agency for long term projects by other artists
  • Steady blog donations
  • Live gigs secured on a regular basis
  • Steady royalty earnings


Existing Tools and Support:


  • Recording equipment, and mastering tools
  • Two blogs going with a substantial following and growing almost daily
  • Marketing to the DJ community general marketing has begun via Fiverr, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Pieces have already been licensed by the Harry Fox Agency for use in artistic projects, thus royalties expected at some point in time


Planned Tools and Support:


  • Steady monthly promotion of my blogs and music via fiverr and other free lance sources
  • Promotion to the DJ community, radio and internet community
  • Secure live gigs on a regular basis




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