The Butterfly, The Collector, The Honeybee and The Incomplete

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Notice how this photo is fuzzy, not clear, has no real focus to it, sometimes we can be like that and so can our lives.  Luckily I have remedied that, am on the mend in terms of that.  However, I have come across in others patterns that I see that create the same issue.

I see in others I am dealing with now the pattern of the butterfly, the collector and honeybee and thus the incomplete, lack of follow up etc…  These are people that are trying to chase what they did not achieve in their youth perhaps and they have a pattern of doing so via the butterfly, collector and honeybee effect I call this.  They are like butterflies and honeybees,  involved in a million different projects, activities and events, and it’s almost like being in one of those spinning dishes in a theme park.  They collect friends like people collect figurines obsessively thinking that if they can just know enough people they can get to that shinning star at the top of the tree.  They have this notion that if they do all this somehow that will create success, prosperity, make for the shinning star and if there one thing that life ought to make clear is that none of that is true.  Getting to reach that shinning star at the top of the tree is going to require:

  • Really being in tune to the Holy Spirit
  • Really listening to the Holy Spirit
  • Really organizing well, with some solid long range detail what the HS gives you, with a solid plan
  • Really organize the right people for what the HS has given you to do
  • Choose quality, never quantity of people, ideas, activity
  • Friggin have a solid long term plan to implement that is in accordance with what is given by the HS
  • This includes some kind of  a solid budget for your plans please

I do find it funny and a bit sad when I see people trying to move things to success simply on  a wing and a prayer, when there is no plan, and when I see butterflies honeybees etc… because often you end up with incomplete on a lot of stuff, no follow up and a lot of disappointed people.  That is a sad picture.


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