What Is Ministry?

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When one says the word ministry and creativity what comes to mind? Usually church right and religious only context.  I realize that ministry is not so confined, so what is ministry, creative ministry?

Creative ministry is artistic ministry that has a purpose, a purpose to teach the faith, share a particular culture, could be a very specific culture or a broader context part of the world culture and use that to teach the faith, and values of the faith.  It is also a coaching and inspiration tool to get people to think and reflect, perhaps even change patterns of their own behaviors, to make changes to their own lives.  Creative ministry goes beyond just creating a fun time, something enjoyable for the audience, and takes a great deal of focus, attention, really listening to the Holy Spirit to create and bring in key people that will stick with it long term to work with you to co-create, who love the faith, and the goals you put forth as given to you by the Holy Spirit.  If you are creating poetry and song, it should serve several purposes, same with any piece you put forth, at least a few of the pieces, though some can be for just enjoyment most should have a purpose to:

  • Reinforce the faith, in my case the Roman Catholic faith and its’ principles
  • Coach and teach valuable lessons
  • Share what is in the heart, spirit and soul as poured out by the Holy Spirit, even about your own life and journey with the faith

Yes, a bit of a tall order, but when you link yourself to the Holy Spirit, to the faith and willing to be a vessel to do so, you can do it.  The key will be finding others also willing to do so, having the courage to do so, which can be a very tall order believe me, a very tall order.  That’s the part I find the hardest getting the right people on board, figuring out where to connect to them.  Hopefully that will chance soon, very soon.




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