Why By Donation Not Sell?

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There are a number of lessons I am having to learn in life, and one of them is this one.

When the Holy Spirit stirs to something, and it truly is the Holy Spirit, you listen, you pay attention.  Maybe at some point I will sell them outright, but right now that is not the road I am on.  Right now, the road I am on is to share with you and hope that the songs, poetry strikes enough of a cord that you will find it in your own spirit to give a donation to help this artist to grow in her work as an artist.  It’s the same with sharing with others ideas when it comes to a project, a creative one.  It’s like a light bulb is suddenly lit and you have to share what is that light or it will be glaring in your eyes.  Hopefully when you do share the ideas they are well received, valued and implemented, with you as part of the process etc… The plan is two phases:

Phase I:

  • Rough at home recordings and mastered 
  • Your support, donations

Phase II:

  • Record in a more appropriate space 
  • Master and offer on blog
  • Your support
  • Co-working space to write, create more prolifically and on keyboard

The third phase would likely be selling outright on bandcamp, but offering samples of the tunes etc… on here.  I hope you will be part of making this all come to life and support this blog and this artist on her journey.



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