Bringing It To Life



As I work on recording, re-recording my pieces to get them to where I feel they ought to be I realize it’s really an amazing thing.

When I get the words, the Holy Spirit also generally gives me the melody and also a sense of what the song should look like, and if I had a band, group I worked with the song would have layers to it, a number of layers, but for now it has only one layers in terms of the background music I instinctively use.  Even that is a process I am finding.  I have to sing what the Holy Spirit has placed in my soul and then see out of the various pieces I have on my recorder which one I feel fits best as background for that song.  Then I have to have to recorders going one with the background music and it has to be at a volume that won’t drown out my voice, yet it also has to be at a volume loud enough to be heard.  As I am recording at home early morning hours after my elderly mum has gone to sleep I can’t be too loud, so the volume on the recorder has to be at maximum and I have to make sure I am close enough to the recorder mic that it records me at a proper volume.  Bringing this poem, song from the page to life is a real process, but one which I love very much.  It doesn’t end there because after I record it I listen to it and if there is anything that doesn’t jive, back to the drawing board and record it again, then listen to it again and if something still doesn’t jive, same process.  This is why recording an album or even one song can take what seems like forever.  However, you give birth then to something beautiful, wonderful, and it really is your child, your baby.   It’s a beautiful thing, especially when you see how a piece you have written etc… inspires others, or changes a person’s life in some way.  Though I don’t have a studio to record in yet due to finances being tight, I still love that I can create and if in any way that child, that song poem etc… impacts, inspires then awesome.  I hope to keep creating for the rest of my life.


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