Arts Ministry Complicated? Nah

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Humans have this wonderful tendency to make everything complex, politicos, faith leaders, humans in general, amazing.  When one thinks of an arts ministry, or even focusing on the arts as one’s path, it can be a bit overwhelming, but need not be.

There is this notion that an arts ministry has to be this huge production and have a whole bunch of people in it, which it doesn’t.  Often that can actually be a negative because when you have a whole bunch of people you can end up with a lot of infighting and classing visions.  Not necessarily a good thing. Same with following your path, getting input is good, but from the right people and not a million people.  When I watch say yes to the dress one reason I do is it’s hilarious when brides bring six or seven people or more to get an opinion on the dress, then end up so confused they get no dress and only distress, particularly when not all of them necessarily are people of impeccable taste.  If you are going to engage in the set up of an arts ministry, production company anything like that might I give my two cents worth on this? Thank you.  Here it is.  What do you need let’s say for an arts ministry or production company/team etc..?  Again remember the rule I used to give when teaching ESL that ought to apply to life etc..: KISS, Keep It Simple Sweetheart.  What you need:

  • Prayerful timing, as they say timing is everything
  • Patience, that includes the timing and when others are ready if it is a collaborative effort
  • Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • A plan long term with Vision, Goals, Budget etc…
  • Two core artists
  • Pay scale according to industry rate for such per performance or stipend
  • Two of the key artists can also be the producer and associate producer
  • These would be the core people
  • These people should share common faith, values and worldview to a good extent, not saying be clones, but have a common faith, core set of common values etc…
  • Periodic visiting artists
  • There is so much potential for original material to be created and so much public domain material to be adapted, even poems can be turned into plays, even bible proverbs with the right mix of talent and imagination.

Here is the thing, there are those who feel that a program like this has to stay stationary in one place, one church, no it doesn’t.  When it is truly a great program, very focused, and everyone gives their focused creative flow, attention to it, their dedication, then it can be an inspiration that has wings to travel and visit other places as well.  As for the funding, that’s were the planning comes in along with prayerful meetings every week by the group, at least every other week.  There has to be prep and rehearsal, but when there is the Holy Trinity working with you, how can you go wrong?  Same goes for you path.


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