Creative or Restless?

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As you can see this photo is out of focus, and hence fits with my question, and it is one that perhaps fit a good portion of my own life and if I were a life coach would ask others as well.

It can be a fine line, but there is a line.  Creative is for example what is going on with me right now. I am listening to French songs, now I don’t understand the words, but as I listen to this song, I am already thinking of what I might do if I had a band, group with it, that’s creative.  Creative is when the Holy Spirit gives me words to put to a blog, to poetry and song, I do it, or when I am inspired to take charge my digital camera, go out there and take photos I do so.  That’s creative, which is awesome and I love it.  Stuff like that is creative and when I connect to others and see potential for creative and artistic genius in collaboration, creative if I pursue it with persistence and I find a core venue, outlet that after prayerful consideration I am led to work with consistently because God has led me to that and I know it where he knows I can build something great, lasting of renown glory with gratitude to him for his guidance and in helping me to release my full creative, even artistic potential there.  All that is creativity, but restlessness is not that.  Restless is I can’t find full acceptance of myself, thus I can’t find full peace, bliss and joy in any one venue for my expression of self in any way and I am forever running from self, from something, always having to look for new stimuli because God is not enough, one or a few deep intimate connections to stimulate my creativity, imagination are not enough.  I am always searching for something, running to something new, running from something, escaping from something.  creativity, mature creativity seeks to embrace and to so standing right where you are, right there, no moving around like a chess piece, but right there, with the voice of the Holy Spirit having led you home, all demons faced, to create the most thrilling thing of your life, your most amazing masterpiece yet, your full creativity unleashed, come full circle back home.  That is probably the greatest gift God could give us, whether it is home to the Church or home in some other way.  For the restless, as perhaps I was for a good while I would ask them what they are looking for and running from.  What is not enough in God?  I would also hope that they do find a very special connection, intimate group of connections that set their world ablaze in a very stable but also amazing way and bring them home to quench the restlessness and so there is no need to run anymore, to be restless anymore.


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