Music Alchemy, Interesting Choice of Words


I was researching once again the role of producer, director, so when I begin my meetup workshop I will have a better understanding and the word Music Alchemy came up, which I though was interesting for what a producer in music does, his or her role.

The producer is there to really present the vision to everyone, their vision and their goals for the program, long range goals and if there is a an associate producer then agreed upon with the associate producer goals, with the artists.  Once those goals are presented and they will vary according to the venue in terms of whether it is a secular or faith/spiritual based venue, then it is up to the producer to choose the material that will represent those goals.  The producer then presents this to the director, who then works with the artists to create the final product.  The producer has a very clear set of goals and a clear vision for the project, long term, and that then gets women into this amazing canvass, this great work of art with the help of the director etc…a true masterpiece is created.  It is a puzzle, pieces that have to be assembled, and the producer is a key element in assembling it all by having a clear long term vision and goals that the team works with and the artists are given, including material, or guidelines, very clear, firm guidelines to work with.  There can be a certain amount of brainstorming and input with the director, writers, and all that, but the Producer really is the one that determines the vision, material, goals.  From that comes the rest, so musical alchemy.  Also means sometimes tough love with the director, and the rest of the team, also being willing to say “if you can’t work within the framework of the vision, well…” and be willing to see people leave, walk away.  The vision, goals matter, they matter a lot.  The arts is really, especially if it is one’s passion something that you have to give your all to and give up a lot for, but I do think the power it has to heal, to inspire etc…, as long as you have a strong faith life, strong partnerships to keep you grounded, is well worth it.  I hope that as I make this journey, and get into the different facets of the arts, and production I do so with clear vision, goals and understanding that I must present that vision and those goals clearly, create Music Alchemy.


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