Why Producing and Directing?



I love writing, whether it is my blog, poetry, song, I love to write.  I am realizing I also would love to produce and direct.  Why?  I have thought about it and it came to me as I was watching “Dirty Dancing”, the final scene, as Johnny and Baby are dancing and on that stage, and also thinking of recent exchange with someone in terms of sharing my ideas and working with the Music and Voices Concert Series being the Emcee.  I also looked up the job description for producer and director.

The production and direction of any project, and development of the characters, performers, helping them to get those emotions out there, shared with the public, sometimes getting them to connect to their own most raw and passionate emotions, pain and share that can be very cathartic.  Often we think we have resolved issues, let them go, but have just buried stuff and are ignoring it.  Cords that we should have cut to really toxic emotions, memories etc.., or even memories we should let go of, emotions we should let go of, people we should let go of we don’t and life is miserable.  A producer and director can be the make or break it of a project by how they bring together the vision, clarify the vision, share the vision and bring the performers to understand and carry out the vision.  Then beyond that, the director is crucial to helping the performers, artists really find their character, their song, poem, the emotions connected to that, bring it out for the audience to be perhaps inspired, healed, even maybe themselves, maybe to even have a “holy crap, my life is not working, time to change it, overhaul it, gonna go out and do that, like now”.  moment.  If the director is also the artist well it can really be interesting as they have to get themselves to dig deep and wow can that be cathartic, force them to face a whole bunch of stuff they maybe thought was resolved in life.  Part of the artistic path is healing, facing your demons, which we all should face constructively and hopefully part of my work as an artist, writer  etc… will be to do that for not only others, also myself.   I also know that for any project I undertake as producer/director, even my own, I have to have very clear goals and planning, and I have to willing to dig into my deepest corners even if it scares me and makes me uncomfortable, do so constructively.

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