About Themes, and Seasons

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As I look at life, different church programs of the arts etc…I am realizing that the poem in Ecclesiastes is true nugget of wisdom.  In what sense do I mean? 

Whether it is life, or a music album, the weather, relationships, it all comes down to themes and seasons.  As an artist, or even if you are planning a program for an organization, each year, each cycle, each program in that cycle needs to have a common thread, theme, message.  If you are all over the map with your life, relationships, with your artistic path, with no clear core, then what are people tuning into?  If you have lots  of relationships, acquaintances but no real deep core one that you share your dreams with, that nourishes, encourages on a daily basis etc.., then seems we are minus a piece of the puzzle.  When you are looking at your artistic path, try to figure out your core, at some level, core self.  For me I realize it is Italian-American and a big part of that is Catholic, letting the Holy Spirit speak to my soul.  Even in my research of what makes a great album theme came up as important, so theme is a big part of life, of everything, even marketing and music.  I never really realized it until recently, but I am realizing it more and more.    I look forward to bringing you samples of my works and collaborative works with others, previows to album and other projects.


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