Like Teardrops From the Sky


The rain falling brought back some memories of stuff and also how I tend to as an intuitive reach out with open arms to people when I feel a strong connection whether in friendship and even in seeking artistic collaboration.  I tend to wear my friendship and heart on my sleeve.   Whether the connection is made with a guy or a gal, that synergy, and I see potential for good friendship, even creative collaboration, I reach out, jump right in reach out and expect the other person to jump right in with me.  When that doesn’t happen it can be a bit tough.  In general as an empath, intuitive sensing, feeling what others are going through can be rough.  The rain falling as it was yesterday reminded me of all this and for a moment I thought maybe I wont ever reach out again to anyone in friendship or even seek collaboration with anyone, the hell with it, never reach out again.

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