What’s Coming?

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Light, Poetry and Music, One In the Same.


Hello One and All.  Last night I had the good fortune to be part of the Music and Voices Series at Shrine Church of the Most Precious blood in Manhattan, be part of the ensemble. It was marvelous as always.  This is an ongoing series, so we hope, as it is dependent on sponsors and donations. 

Why do I mention this?  This is an ongoing thing, hopefully where I will be participating as a poet, hostess, presenter and loving it!  In addition I am finally with my voice back to where I want it to be and can start recording.  I will be recording mainly by theme, so this first group will be well reflective, some might say a bit on the nostalgia side.  I hope you will enjoy them, whether in song or spoken word.  I would like to provide you with the best quality recording so please if you could donate to the blog that would be of great help for me to do so.  I have left teaching and am engaging full time in the arts, including my blog and being a singer-songwriter and performance poet.  I thank you ahead of time for your support.  I prefer to post my works her and have you donate whatever you would like for the pieces.

Thank You,


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